The importance of data integration

Say goodbye to recording errors and increase patient safety

We've optimized the measurement workflow to ensure that the right measurements are being conducted for the right people, and transferred directly to your medical facility's EMR system when ready! But why is this so important?

Accurate weight measurement is important for many purposes, but especially when it comes to determining medication dosage! The number one reason for incorrect dosage is inaccurate weight measurement, so getting it right every time is key! For babies and toddlers in particular, the margin for error is much smaller than it is for adults.

Data Integration Scale
By using a scale that is directly integrated with your EMR system, your facility can:

  • Streamline measurement and save time
  • Standardize recording of results
  • Access patient data from centralized database

How does it work?

1 Establish patient data

Establish patient ID/identifier, so device can quickly scan and save results during measurement procedure.

2 Prepare for measurement

Sterilize platform, and input pre-tare weight deduction if needed.

3 Input user ID and patient ID

Scan user and patient ID (or input manually using touchscreen) to ensure correct person is measured.

4 Conduct weight and/or height measurement

Press "HOLD" to confirm that results are to be saved and transferred after completion.
If digital stadiometer is attached to device, height measurement and BMI calculation will be completed automatically after patient steps onto platform.

5 Send measurement results to EMR system

Send results to EMR system with a single button press. If device isn't currently connected (ex: chair scale conducting measurement in patient's room), up to 100 results can be stored in device memory to be transferred when scale is returned to connectivity station.

6 View results on system

Compare results with previous measurements to analyze trends.
Windows 10 supported

Compatible Devices

Column Scales
Wheelchair Scale
Chair Scales
Infant Scale
Bed Scale

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If you see this icon next to a product, that means it is part of the DP48 integration series.

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