Patient Transfer Scale FAQ

Q1. Why does the mat seem loose sometimes? How durable is it?
The mat wrapped around the device needs to be loose for the weight measurement load cells within the scale to work correctly!
It is made from durable PVC tarpaulin material, and it can be accidentally cut by sharp objects like keys or belt buckles. Please remember to use a slide sheet/board when conducting transfer, which will make transfer easier, and also minimize risk of damage to the mat!
Q2. Does it matter which end the patient is facing?
A body outline can be found printed onto the mat. Due to the technical layout of the weight measurement load cells within the device, the patient's head should be placed at the end where the head outline can be seen, with their feet at the other end. Unless height measurement is also needed, the patient's head doesn't need to be exactly within the outline!

If a patient is very tall and their legs exceed the length of the device, the Patient Transfer Scale will still provide an accurate result, so long as their legs aren't resting on or supported by the mattress.
Q3. How long is the battery life?
Fully charged, you should get approximately 50 hours of battery life.