The Story

  • The Idea

    The Patient Transfer Scale was invented by Registered General Nurse, Gillian Taylor, who had worked within the NHS in the UK for over 20 years. Her experiences helped identify the need for a device that could make it easier to measure patient weight, not just for vitals, but for safe administration of medicine as well.

    The Idea
  • Bringing the idea to life

    After she realized that there was nothing in the market that could satisfy this need, Gillian took the initiative to turn the idea into reality, bringing the idea to renowned medical scale manufacturers Charder and Marsden, resulting in a prototype that would be used for extensive discussion and testing, following the advice and opinions of the healthcare professionals that would be using this product in the future.

    Bringing the idea to life
  • Changing the world

    Since the Patient Transfer Scale was launched in late 2018, it has now become an integral part of many hospitals, who would no longer have to guess patient weights when time was critical - now they have a way to accurate measure weight with medical precision, ensuring better patient outcomes! In 2021, the Patient Transfer Scale received the prestigious Queen's Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, as recognition of how it had revolutionized weight measurement in the UK.

    Changing the world