Q1. Functions are greyed out on Charder Insight
Charder Insight is available in a Basic and Professional version. If you have purchased the Professional version, this includes a USB Authorization Key that must be inserted into your PC whenever Charder Insight is used. If the key is not detected, then only Basic functions will be available.
Q2. I cannot connect to Charder Insight PC software with my device?
(1) Make sure your device (MA601/MA801) has been updated to the latest version (please contact local Distributor for assistance)
(2) Check to make sure that Data Transfer is turned ON in device settings
(3) Plug UA-010 transfer key cable into the device (MA601/MA801) and the PC's USB port.
(4) PC should automatically begin driver installation. However, some computers may have trouble automatically installing required USB drivers. If this issue occurs, please manually install the drivers.

To manually download driver, please follow link below:
Driver Download

After installing driver, please restart PC. If Charder Insight is still unable to detect device, please try the Universal driver:
Driver (Universal) Download
Q3. Charder Insight PDF Export
Manual Export
If error message appears when attempting to export PDF result sheet using Charder Insight, it may be because you do not have permissions to save into designated folder. Enter settings of Charder Insight, select a different folder, and try again.

Automatic Export
To use automatic export function, you must first create and designate a folder on your computer. If folder does not exist, or user's account does not have write permissions into folder, then files will be unable to be saved into folder.
Q4. Who should I contact for service?

Charder Medical devices are sold around the globe through our network of global distributors. For service, please contact the supplier from which you originally purchased your device! If you are unable to locate (or do not remember) the original supplier, feel free to contact us, and we will help get you into contact with your nearest local partner.

Q5. Unable to install Charder Insight
During installation, Charder Insight will install several drivers required for operation. If drivers are not correctly installed, software may not function properly. In this case, we recommend manually downloading and installing the drivers before restarting your computer and trying again.