Charder Medical

Since 1980

About us

Charder has specialized in the field of sensors and precision measurement since 1980, designing and manufacturing a wide variety of medical measurement devices including Body Composition Analyzers, Height Measurement Stadiometers, Grip Strength Dynamometers, and Scales of various types including Column Scales, Chair Scales, Bed Scales, Lift Scales, and more! We understand that when it comes to medical devices, it's not just about certifications and specifications (though that's of course very important!), but about making it easier and more intuitive to use our products!

Global Distribution

Charder has worked with its extensive global network of professional distributors for many years. Healthy long-term relationships with distributors are particularly important in the medical industry, where timely service and deep familiarity with products matters makes a real difference when it comes to patient safety!

To purchase a Charder device in your country, please contact us and we will help put you in contact with our distributor in the region. If you're interested in becoming a Charder distributor, we'd also love to hear from you!


Why Charder?

Nowadays, fewer and fewer brands actually manufacture the products that feature their logo on it. At Charder, we take pride in covering the entire lifestyle of a product, bringing a concept to life through design, manufacturing, testing, training, and after-service. This helps keep our experience and expertise in manufacturing updated and flexible, and our designers well-acquainted with how to make a product easier to build and service quickly and efficiently.

  • Dedicated Research Center
  • In-house Software & Hardware Development Teams
  • Comprehensive Product Training

Product Strengths

Quality and Accuracy Certifications including CE MDD, OIML, ISO and more

Streamlined user experience

  • Data transferability from devices to computers, printers, or directly to electronic systems
  • Protection of user data and privacy


Charder's History

Charder is founded in 1980, beginning as an Original Equipment Manufacturer specializing in high-precision scales. To satisfy customer needs, Charder establishes its own R&D department, integrating its market and design divisions.

MS2400 baby scale wins prestigious German iF Product Design Award.

Charder receives ISO 13485 medical quality standard certification.

To better serve the medical market, "Charder Medical" brand is established, beginning participation in the Medica Exhibition.

Charder's MG4800 handgrip dynamometer wins German iF Design Award in the medical category, with innovative design well-suited for physiotherapists working in rehabilitation.

Charder establishes North American website to better satisfy warehousing, transportation, and service-needs.

Charder establishes European website.

Charder launches its new professional body composition analyzers.

MA801 Body Composition Analyzer receives Taiwan Excellence 2021 Award in Medical Device category

Charder launches new line of EMR-ready wireless scales