The Revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale

Measurement of patient weight is essential for administration of correct drug dosages and treatment. The Patient Transfer Scale is specially designed for patients with limited mobility that are difficult to weigh on conventional scales - it is light, portable, easily washed, and perfect for emergency room situations.

The revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale

Why choose the Patient Transfer Scale?

Speed and precision, for better patient outcomes

Everything about the Patient Transfer Scale is designed to make weight measurement faster, safer, and easier. Whether it's the large backlit display with weight hold function for convenience, easily cleaned skin-safe mat with height markings, or carry handles that allow the scale to be mounted in an ambulance, the revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale was designed by a nurse for nurses, to ensure better patient outcomes.

  • Why does every hospital need the Patient Transfer Scale?

    Traditionally, the only way to measure immobile patients is with bed scales or lift scales, which are time consuming to use, and can take up space that a busy emergency room can't spare.

    Using the Patient Transfer Scale, you can now measure patient weight during the lateral transfer from stretcher-to-bed or bed-to-bed, giving you a weight reading without taking additional time!

  • Why is accurate weight measurement needed?

    Patient weight is used to determine proper dosage of medication and anesthetic, especially if they're in critical condition and time is of the essence. Using the Patient Transfer Scale, medical staff can say goodbye to hasty estimations of weight, reducing risk of dosage error, resulting in better health outcomes!

  • How do you use the Patient Transfer Scale?

    The Patient Transfer Scale can be used in the same way as a transfer board. It's lightweight, making it easy for nurses to take it anywhere it's needed. Place the scale across the stretcher and bed, and move the patient in accordance with standard transfer procedure. All you need to do is pause for a few seconds as they pass over the transfer board to record the weight measurement. It doesn't just make weighing easier - it makes weighing part of an already existing process, meaning little additional training is needed.

Key Features

  • Class III Approved
  • EU Medical Device Directive Approved
  • 250 kg Maximum Capacity, 500g graduation
  • 50 hours of continuous use, rechargeable battery
  • Handles for wall-mounting and easier usage

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The MS7800 Patient Transfer Scale was developed in partnership with renowned UK professional weighing brand Marsden. As part of initial research and development, over 30 hospitals in the UK tested the scale as it would be used in practice, providing valuable feedback contributing to the functionality of the completed product.