Expand the capabilities of your Body Composition Analyzers

Utilize the Charder Insight PC software to further streamline usage of body composition results in professional settings!

  • Streamline the measurement process

    Streamline the measurement process

    Create measurement profiles efficiently via PC and send them directly to your device, receiving results automatically after completion. You can also import batch subject data manually or automatically to make integration of a new device into your facility quick and painless, with the option to automatically export data in PDF format as well!

  • View full history results

    View full history results

    Monitor and prove the effectiveness of your program for subjects over time. With all key body composition measurements tracked using easy-to-interpret history charts, Charder Insight is perfect for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to fitness, obesity control, nutrition, and general monitoring.

  • Analyze data with the click of a button

    Analyze data with the click of a button

    Want to know if training programs have noticeably increased muscle mass for 65-75 year-old females? Want to determine how much fat loss progress has been made on average for members of your fitness center? Going through each individual report for many users might have taken hours to do so before, but you can now determine this information and observe trends using Charder Insight's built-in analysis data filter within minutes!

  • Export measurement data

    Export measurement data

    Combine as many measurement results for as many subjects as needed, and export via CSV file for use in research or integration with your EMR system. Optional automatic export of PDF reports makes Insight a valuable tool for saving staff time and effort!

  • Backup measurement data from device

    Backup measurement data from device

    Store measurement data on your facility's server, without worrying about data being confined to one specific device.

Should you choose the Basic or Pro version of Charder Insight?

Determine which version is best for your needs

How many users do you have?

Basic: If you have a relatively small number of subjects, you can create accounts for them one by one using the software itself.
Pro: For larger institutions that may already have hundreds of subjects, it can be too time consuming to create each profile manually. The Pro version of insight offers both manual (data input form via spreadsheet) and automatic (retrieve from designated folder) options for importing profiles directly into the software!

How many PCs need to view results?

Basic: If you're primarily using one PC to conduct measurements and view results, Basic should be enough for your needs.
Pro: If you have multiple device and multiple PCs running Charder Insight, the measurement result database can be established on a central server, so all PCs are using the same database. You will be able to measure subjects using PC #1, and view results on PC #2 if needed!

Single administrator vs multiple users

Basic: You will be authorized a single Administrator account with full permissions
Pro: For larger facilities that may be setup to allow some individuals to measure, and others to provide recommendations based on results, you can setup separate user profiles with limited permissions. For example, if you wish for assistants to only be allowed to conduct measurements without viewing results (leaving that up to doctors/trainers), you can do so!

How are you planning to use the measurement results?

View basic results vs in-depth results

Basic: View all the results that are on the printed result sheet, plus history results for key body composition outputs
Pro: Take analysis a step further, combining recommended related outputs for different fields of use, making it easier to analyze the comparative relationship between different results such as the proportion of muscle and fat over a period of time.

Different fields of application utilize different aspects of Charder's professional body composition reports, and we're happy to discuss with you further to provide a more in-depth recommendation based on your needs!

Single subject vs analysis of a larger group

Basic: View all the results needed for managing an individual's body composition.
Pro: If you've been given the task of determining which age group in your facility has successfully developed the most muscle mass over the past 3 months, or who is the winner of a month-long fat burning contest, this would normally be a very time-consuming process, going through individual reports one by one. Charder Insight Pro allows you to set filters such as age, gender, and other demographic data, providing you with data such as the biggest change over a period of time, or the average value.

Prepare data for research

Basic: Save individual reports in PDF format, allowing you to print a paper copy for your records if needed.
Pro: Export CSV data file for easy collection of results, making it easy to build spreadsheets for statistical analysis.

Comparison Chart

Free with device
Contact for details
Compatible Devices MA601 Body Composition Analyzer
MA801 Body Composition Analyzer
MA601 Body Composition Analyzer
MA801 Body Composition Analyzer
User Accounts 1 Admin account Admin accounts
Set permissions for user accounts
Subject Data Management Input subject data
Conduct measurement using PC
Input subject data
Conduct measurement using PC
Batch import and export
Database Backup & Restore
Result Analysis Professional body composition results
Basic history results
Professional body composition results
Detailed history results
View data and changes for individual subject View and compare data and changes for multiple subjects
Run contests using advanced analysis interface
Data Export Export PDF result sheet Export PDF result sheet
Export digital expanded report (with memo)
Export CSV data file
Device Settings N/A Modify device settings using PC

Charder Insight PC Software on Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my MA601/MA801 compatible with Charder Insight?

Please enter settings on your device, and select "Environment" to confirm if the Software Version is v.60 or above. If your device has not been upgraded to this standard yet, please contact your distributor for more information.

How do I connect my device to Charder Insight?

Currently, your MA601/MA801 can only be connected to Charder Insight using the UA-010 USB Transfer Key Cable.

How long does it take to transfer results from my device to Charder Insight after measurement?

After a measurement has been completed, it should take only a few seconds for your results to appear on Charder Insight. Transfer time may vary if you are transferring a large batch of results from device to PC at once.

What Operating Systems is Charder Insight compatible with?

Windows 10 is the recommended operating system for Charder Insight. Windows 7 and 11 can be used, but there may be some minor compatibility issues!