Why use a Charder device for conducting research?

Charder's Body Composition Analyzers are accurate and consistent, making them a great choice for research institutions that need an easy-to-use measurement solution that provides validated results.

We have a special program available to academic institutions that want to use our devices for research purposes - contact us to learn more!

  • 1. Easy-to-use

    The 8-point touch electrode system combines ease of use with consistency, streamlining the measurement process while improving efficiency of data collection! Straightforward voice guidance and clear on-screen instructions make it easier for assistants to conduct each measurement, allowing them to devote more time on analysis!

  • 2. Data management

    When used with Charder Insight PC software, measurement results can be automatically transferred, stored, and viewed clearly, with options to export to CSV for statistical analysis of large amounts of data!

    Data management
  • 3. Reproducible results

    Receive clinically validated and reproducible results, ensuring the integrity of measurement data and the ability to follow-up with regular monitoring of subjects.


Research papers

We've conducted decades of dedicated research in the field of BIA, including utilization of Artificial Neural Networks for reproducible, accurate results, with findings published in various international journals. Utilizing algorithms formed and validated using "gold standards" such as CT and DXA, our results provide you with medical-grade accuracy. A sampling of published research conducted by the Charder Research Center can be found below, and we are happy to discuss research possibilities or questions you may have!