What is the the difference between Zero and Tare?

DP3710 Charder Scale Indicator

Zero and Tare are two key functions on weighing scales that make it easier to conduct measurement. On some scales, the Zero and Tare keys are separate. Yet on others, they're the same button!


MHS Lift Scale Side Buttons

(the top button on the 3-key MHS-series lift scale provides power, zero, and tare functions)

So what's the difference? And if they're different, how do I know when to press which button?


This is used when you place an item on the scale, and need to deduct its weight from the results. For example, if you're weighing a baby, and need to place a blanket on the measurement platform for comfort, you need to deduct the blanket's weight first. By using the Tare function, you can get the accurate weight of the baby, even though the blanket is also on the scale.


Although it may look as if Zero does the same thing as Tare (the screen will display 0.0 after the button is pressed), its usage is different. You can think of Zero as more of a reset button, where nothing is on the scale, but the reading on the screen doesn't say zero for whatever reason.

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