How to use the MG4800 Wireless Grip Dynamometer (with Charder Connect App)

1) Download Charder Connect App from Google Play (Android Devices) or the App Store (iOS Devices)

Google Play App Store
Android Devices
Charder Connect Google Play
iOS Devices
Charder Connect App Store
2) After opening app, create master account
There are two types of accounts in the Charder Connect App: Administrator accounts, and User accounts. Measurements are conducted using User accounts, which can be created after you login using an Administrator account.
Input Account and Password, and press Register new account. In the future, you will login using this account.
NOTE: Because the Charder Connect App is used offline without the need for an internet connection, there is also no way to recover your password if you forget it!
Charder Connect
3) Create user account (as many as needed)
Press Add new user
Charder Connect no users
Input info as prompted. Please note that duplicate IDs are not allowed!
Charder Connect Add New User
4) Pair with device
Select user account for measurement
Press human-shaped icon on the right to begin pairing with device
(Press "accept" to permissions required, such as Bluetooth permissions)
Charder Connect begin measurement
Press pairing icon on the top right
Charder Connect begin pairing
Turn on the MG4800 Wireless Dynamometer by pressing the [Power/Zero] key
MG4800 Power
It will appear on the "new device" list as a "Dynamometer". Press [Select] key.
Charder Connect select device
After selection, we can see that the MG4800 is now paired with Charder Connect, and the wireless icon on the MG4800's screen should appear.
MG4800 Wireless
Charder Connect connected
5) Device setup
The MG4800 has 3 modes: Real Mode, Max Mode, and Target Mode. 
In Real Mode, the MG4800 will dynamically display the force exerted, which changes in real time as the user squeezes and lets go.
In Max Mode, the MG4800 will record the maximum force.
In Target Mode, a target force will be set (ex: 20 kg), and the MG4800 will record how many measurements exceeded this target, as well as the average of the last two results.
To transfer measurement results, the device must be in Target Mode. Press [Set] key to enter Target Mode. By default, target is 20 kg - you can press [Mode] key to increase (press and hold to increase faster). Press [Set] key to confirm target.
Begin using MG4800. Device will automatically record every result that exceeds target.
After measurement is complete, press [Power/Zero] key to transfer results to Charder Connect.
Charder Connect transfer
Press [Save] key to save results, or [Clear] key to discard. You can press "Right" or "Left" on the screen to specify which hand was used for each measurement.
Charder Connect Grip
After saving, you can see that the latest measurement results have been added to this user's record
Charder Connect history list
To delete a result, swipe left and press the red trash can icon.
Charder Connect delete
To share/export results to CSV, press share icon at top right
Charder Connect grip share
You can save results in CSV format and send them to Google Drive, E-mail, instant messaging, etc.
Charder Connect share CSV

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