Child Result Sheet

MA-series Blank Result Sheets

Child Result Sheet (Color) for MA601 & MA801 Body Composition Analyzers, with explanation of terms and results on the back.

Available in A4 or Letter size, 1000 pages per pack.

Child Result Sheet (Color) for MA601 & MA801 Body Composition Analyzers
Child Result Sheet (Color) for MA601 & MA801 Body Composition Analyzers

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Child Result Sheet

Available on MA601 & MA801

  • (1) Body Composition Analysis

    Reliable, non-invasive Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis makes it easier to conduct regular monitoring of Body Composition. The calculated estimated weights of the body's compositional elements can be compared with standard results for context.

  • (2) Muscle-Fat Analysis

    Measurement of weight is important, but incomplete without further analyzing the amount of muscle and fat in a child. Understanding skeletal muscle and body fat proportions can help professionals evaluate child growth, and provide recommendations.

  • (3) Obesity Analysis

    The child result sheet organizes common obesity-related metrics here into Under, Normal, Over, and Obese categories. Normal range will adjust according to the child's age.

  • (4) Growth History

    By selecting the same user ID prior to measurement, growth trends can be tracked automatically (Height, Weight, BMI, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and percentiles)

  • (5) Growth Chart

    The child's height and BMI results are compared with results from the same age to place results in context. Results in the 3rd percentile are a potential sign of malnutrition or delayed growth, and we recommend a more detailed health check-up.

  • (6) Evaluation & Recommendations

    Based on body composition and growth results, the result sheet will provide an evaluation and recommendations for nutrition and exercise. Results should be considered a general reading, and not for diagnostic purposes.

  • (7) Research Information

    The result sheet provides a variety of body composition output parameters of particular relevance for research


Product Specifications


A4 / Letter

Pack Weight 7 kg (1000 pages)
Compatible Devices MA601, MA801