Digital Infant Stadiometer

Designed to facilitate simultaneous weighing and height measurement, the HM100D can link with compatible Charder infant scales for intuitive and streamlined infant measurement.

HM100D Digital Infant Stadiometer
HM100D Digital Infant Stadiometer

Product Specifications

Indicator Displayed on scale once connected
Capacity 35-100 cm (13.8-39.4 inch)
Graduation 0.1 cm / 0.1 inch
Dimensions Overall:
1075(W) x 287(D) x 72(H) mm
42.3(W) x 11.4(D) x 2.8(H) inch
Device Weight 0.68 kg
Power Source Powered by device

Product Functions

  • Transfer height measurement via USB cable directly to scale indicator, displayed on screen
  • Easy-to-use sliding caliper design
  • Can be used on work bench or independently
Compatible Scales MS3500