Digital Stadiometer


The HM201D digital stadiometer is designed to be wall-mounted, or used with a variety of compatible Charder column scales, featuring a foldable head piece lever with a lock button.

High-quality aluminum construction and durable ABS plastic are built to last, providing medical-grade accuracy.

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Product Specifications
Measuring range 120-200cm (48-78in)
Graduation 1mm (1/16in)
Dimensions Overall: 30(D) x 40(W) x 1780(H) mm
Rod: 90mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Power supply From Indicator
Features Digital stadiometer (wall-mounted or with compatible column scale)
Data transmission Digital cable transmission to scale indicator
Product Description

HM201D is an optional digital height measuring rod for column scales with

  • Digital measurement range: 120-200cm (48-78in), graduation 1mm (1/16in)
  • Mechanical measurement range: 60-120cm (23.6-48in)
  • Can be wall-mounted or connected with compatible Charder column scale
  • Power and display indicator supplied by scale via cable
  • Foldable head piece lever with lock button.