The MS4980 features a color touchscreen for streamlined operation and clear viewing from all angles. A variety of height meatures can be integrated, allowing for automatic height measurement and calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index).

Results can be automatically transferred to data management system via wireless transmission, making the MS4980 an excellent option for integration with EMR systems. Optional accessories include thermal printer and barcode scanner for more efficient workflow.

  • ce-wifi
  • ce-usb
Product Specifications
Order code 4980.300.1
Capacity 300 kg / 660 lbs
Graduation 100 g / 0.2 lbs



360(W) x 480(D) x 1100(H) mm

14.2(W) x 18.9 (D) x 43.3 (H) inch


360(W) x 310(D) x 70(H) mm

14.2 (W) x 12.1 (D) x 2.8 (H) inch

Column only: 

1026 mm

40.4 inch

Device weight 8.2 kg (18.1lbs)
Power supply RCC
Adapter   Rechargeable battery pack (optional)
Indicator DP4800
Product Functions
  • Body Mass Index
  • Print
  • Hold
  • Tare
  • Pre-Tare
  • Color LCD touchscreen
  • Unit (kg, lb) (non-OIML models only)
Data transmission   

Design features

Optional accessories

Height Meter: HM200D, HM201D, HM201M, HM200U (Ultrasonic)

Thermal Printer: TP2100, TP2110

Barcode Scanner