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Charder’s Distributor in North America


Charder Medical, the leading provider of medical scales, is excited to announce that their new website service for North America market will be online from May/ 2016.

It will be a historical breakthrough in Charder Medical Group’s on-going plan for
nationwide strategic expansion in United States and the business growing globally.
Charder looks forward to increasing customer service, efficiency and profitability
and providing flexible logistic delivery system what could meet a variety of customer’s
needs in North America.


Charder North America, one of Charder’s networks around the world,
will bring more convenience to the current customers and serve many new customers
in North America by warehousing, transportation, and services.
Charder North America will maintain large inventories of all Charder products,
and make sure that Charder customer’s orders are available for immediate delivery to acquire highly-efficient service,
delivering higher speed, and cost-effectively.


Charder North America will help Charder continue to offer North American clients quality,
innovation, flexibility and exceptional customer service!

Click and check out our new site for Charder North America: !