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DP3700 transition to DP3710


Dear Customers & Partners,

As of 4th Nov 2019, certificate TC7615 for the DP3700 indicator will expire, and this product will no longer be available for purchase from Charder. Instead, Charder will be offering the DP3710 indicator at the same price. The DP3710's user interface is identical and retains all of the DP3700's functions, but also includes backlight, USB interface, and the option to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.



All products utilizing the DP3700 that were purchased before 4th Nov 2019 can continue to be sold legally in the European Union.

All products that are currently using the DP3700 are now available with the DP3710 instead.

Models originally using the DP3700:
MS4910, MS3830, MS2350, MS2504, MS21NEOV, MS5440, MS6000, MS6001, MBF6000, MBF6010