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Notice: Transition of Notified Body on Medical Devices


Dear Valued Customers,

This is a notice from Charder's Notification Body DNV-GL that the Medical Device certification under NB0434 will be transferred to NB2460, due to business merge and re-arrangement.

Charder’s official certificate NB2460 is now unified by DNV GL Nemko Presafe AS. Once DNV GL Nemko Presafe has issued new certificates and re-certification, we will proceed without further announcement and label CE2460 instead of CE0434 on our Medical Devices.

Charder’s Medical Devices certificate with CE0434 label will no longer be applicable as of May 17th, 2017. However, the CE0434 label has a limited duration before November 17th, 2017, which will allow extra buffer time for importing.

We confirm that all the relevant documents, promotion leaflets, catalog and so on which bear with CE0434 will be replaced by CE2460, and you will receive our official confirmation of certificate update.

All Charder’s Medical Devices which carry CE0434 can continue to be legally sold without effect.

Thank you for your attention and support for this transitional period.

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