The revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale

Patient Transfer Scale

Weigh immobile patients quickly and easily

Patients with limited mobility can be difficult to measure. Until now, options have been scales that are undignified for the patient, take too much time to use, or are prohibitively expensive.

Combining a patient transfer board with a OIML Class III-approved weighing scale, the Patient Transfer Scale is a space and time saving solution.

Key Features

  • Large, easy-to-read weight display
  • Grab handles
  • Light and portable
  • Weight lock
  • Height guide
  • 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive Approved
  • OIML Class III Approved

Save valuable time and effort

Accurate patient weight measurement is needed for proper medication or treatment. However, this can be difficult for immobile patients. Not all facilities have bed scales readily available, and lift scales can be cumbersome, difficult to set up, and take too long to use.

Patient Transfer Scale: save valuable time and effort

How is the Patient Transfer Scale used?

The MS7800 Patient Transfer Scale can be used in the same way as a transfer board. It’s lightweight, making it easy for nurses to take the MS7800 anywhere it’s needed. Place it across the trolley and bed, and move the patient in accordance with standard transfer procedure. All you need to do is pause for a few seconds as they pass over the transfer board to record the weight measurement.

It doesn’t just make weighing easier – it makes weighing part of an already existing process, meaning little additional training is needed.

How is the Patient Transfer Scale used?How is the Patient Transfer Scale used?How is the Patient Transfer Scale used?How is the Patient Transfer Scale used?

Clinically evaluated and proven

The MS7800 Patient Transfer Scale was developed in partnership with renowned UK professional weighing brand Marsden. As part of initial research and development, over 30 hospitals in the UK tested the scale as it would be used in practice, providing valuable feedback contributing to the functionality of the completed product.