Handgrip Dynamometer


The MG4800 medical handgrip dynamometer is specially designed for arm rehabilitation and evaluation. It’s a great tool for therapists and rehabilitation trainers to aid in strengthening and training the muscles in the hand and arm.

The dynamometer can be adjusted to different levels of resistance for different individuals. Three modes are available, measuring maximum grip strength, average grip strength, or number of repetitions that meet the selected minimum grip force.

Wireless version features rechargeable battery and wireless data transmission for more convenient data management and tracking.

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Product Specifications
Capacity 80 kg (blue spring) 40 kg (green spring) 20 kg (red spring)
Graduation 100 g


110(L)x212(D)x55(W) mm

Grip span:

L=64 mm

Device weight 0.3 kg (MG4800), 0.33 kg (MG4800 Wireless)

Power supply


CR-2450 Lithium Battery

Power supply


RCR123A Li-ion rechargable battery


Embedded 0.5 inch LCD screen (4 digits)

Product Functions
  • 20 kg / 40 kg / 80 kg springs offer diverse application
  • Max mode for recording maximum grip force
  • Average mode for averaged force of right and left hands
  • Count mode for rehabilitation exercise
  • Unit (kg, lb)
Data transmission Wireless (optional)

Optional accessories

Global Patents
  • US: D564382
  • RCD: 000702592-0001
  • Japan: 1314405
FDA Listing
  • D072477


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