The Charder MS5880 chair scale is specially designed for patients that have difficulty standing, allowing for the simple and precise weighing of patients. It is intended to be pushed directly into patient rooms, so patients do not need to walk to weighing stations. After completing a round of measurements (up to 100 stored), results can be transmitted wirelessly to PC, making the MS5880 an excellent option for integration with EMR systems.

The MS5880 features push handles and four swiveling wheels with rear brakes for ease of use.

(NOTE: The device is NOT a wheelchair, and should not be pushed when patient is sitting in seat)

  • ce-wifi
  • ce-usb
Product Specifications
Order code 5880.150.1
Capacity 150 kg

100 g < 100 kg > 200 g



630(W) x 920(D) x 630(H) mm

24.8(H) x 36.2(D) x 24.8(W) inch

Seat height

560 mm (22.0 inch)

Seat width

420 mm (16.5 inch)

Armrest height

720 mm (28.3 inch)

Device weight 18 kg (39.7 lbs)
Power supply   
Rechargeable Battery   Adapter
Indicator DP4800
Product Functions
  • Body Mass Index
  • Hold
  • Tare
  • Pre-Tare
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Foldable Footrest
Data transmission   

Design features


Optional accessories

Barcode Scanner

Chair Scale (Standard) Chair Scale (Standard) 
Chair Scale (Standard)